Welcome to our restaurant, where we cook with love and use only quality and natural products from local farms.

The restaurant is open!
Our restaurant of traditional home cooking is ready to serve and you are able to enjoy the best traditional dishes of Montenegrin and Balkan cuisine in a wonderful atmosphere and in the open air.
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How to get there?

We are located in the village of Žvinje. Turn left in front of the HDL store in Sutorina. Drive straight along the road, on the right you will see an uphill and a sign Žvinje. Go up the serpentine, there will be a fork at the top, turn left and continue along the road. On the right side there will be a building completely covered with plants. Right behind him on the right is the entrance to our ranch.

Do you have any questions?

Contact us!

+382 69 333 033

+382 69 223 033

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